Markout road marking removal

The Markout Removal System

Markout are pleased to be able to offer road marking removal using ultra high pressure water jetting which incorporates vacuum recovery in a self contained jetting head. Our team uses the world renowned Falch range of equipment which incorporates the latest hydroblaster for the hydroblast ing work.

The unit is powered by an ultra high pressure pump delivering up to 2,500 bar pressure and using low volumes of water. The pressure is transferred into a self-contained head where a rotating nozzle is used to remove the road marking without causing rutting or displacement of the road surface.

The head is attached to a compact road sweeper which then allows total vacuum recovery of all thermoplastic and paint waste, leaving the surface free of all debris and virtually dry.

A small pedestrian version is used for smaller, more confined spaces.

This system works on all white and yellow lines as well as all other road marking whether they are paints or thermoplastic on asphalt, concrete, tar, tarmacadam, granite sets and block paving. Its versatility means it can be adapted to suit larger environments including airport runways, carparks and bridge decks. The Markout Removal System is also capable of surface retexturing therefore restoring an anti skid surface.

If you would like more information on the Markout Removal System please contact us